Online international expert meeting with the National University of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran

On May 19, 2021, within the framework of the memorandum on cooperation between JSC "Center for Military and Strategic Studies" and the National University of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran, an international expert meeting on security was held online.

The international expert meeting was opened by the President of JSC "CVSI" Major-General of the reserve Karbuzov K-K.Zh. and Major-General Nasrullah Kalantari, Deputy Head of the Higher National University of Defense and Head of the National Security Institute.

Meroprïyatïe past in the form of an expert Living dïskwssïï, where obswdïlï issues: Call novıx, wgrojayuşçïx Security and homeostasis in the stability of Central Asia, Blïjnego East, vlïyanïe cybersecurity wgroz on obstanovkw stranax Prïkaspïyskogo the region, pwtï permissions vozmojnıx negatïvnıx posledstvïy for the region of Central Asia after either from voysk United States of America Afghanistan, the Belt and Road initiative.

As a result of the expert meeting, proposals were made for the further development of scientific cooperation in combating religious terrorism and extremism, hybrid wars, illegal drug trafficking and arms trafficking.
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