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The development of international cooperation is one of the priority areas of activity of JSC «CMSR». Agreements, memorandums of cooperation concluded by the Center with similar organizations of the near and far abroad create the basis for establishing and expanding bilateral cooperation in research activities, contribute to strengthening scientific potential, exchange of experience, improvement and development of new forms of interaction through the implementation of joint analytical projects, regular expert meetings and round tables. Within the framework of international activities, the Center actively cooperates with such think tanks as:

International cooperation of JSC «CMSR»

1. The European Center for the Study of Security Issues named after George Marshall

2. All-China Association for the Promotion of Friendship

3. China Institute of Strategic Studies

4. Chinese Academy of Modern International Relations

5. RAND Corporation (USA)

6. National Defense University of the Islamic Republic Iran

7. National Defense University of Pakistan

8. Institute of Political Studies of Islamabad, Pakistan

9. Chinese company "Sun Hawk"

10. International Holding Corporation AICC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China

11. Silk Road Research Institute of Northwestern University (China)

12. Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies

13. Joint Military Establishment of India

14. Indian Agricultural and Industrial Development Research Center(CRRID)

15. National Institute of International Security Problems Ukraine and others