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June 28, 2024 at JSC “Center for Military-Strategic Research” with the guidance of Drokin Y.N., docent of the Department of Legal Disciplines of A.K. Kussayinov Eurasian Humanities Institute lectures on the topic: “Combating corruption in the Republic of Kazakhstan: issues of legal regulation and prevention” were held.

During the lesson the following questions were considered:

1. General characteristics of corruption in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the nature and degree of its influence on the development of the state apparatus and civil society (analysis of the current situation).

2. Review of basic regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of anti-corruption.

3. Regulatory control of legal liability for committing offenses of a corruption nature.

4. The main directions of implementation of the state anti-corruption policy (anti-corruption education, legal culture and legal consciousness).

5. General characteristics of international legal acts of a conventional nature on anti-corruption issues.

6. Main directions of anti-corruption and corruption offences prevention.