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On October 27, JSC "Center for Military Strategic Research" held anan international scientific and Theoretical conference on the topic of "National and regional security in the light of modern challenges", which was attended by deputies of both chambers of Parliament, judges of the Constitutional Court, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other troops and military formations, military universities, the leadership of state bodies, the military and diplomatic corps accredited in Kazakhstan, foreign and domestic scientists, as well as independent experts.

The conference was held in three thematic blocks: "military threats in the region", "water security of Kazakhstan" and "socio-economic factors of instability in the region".

The conference conducted a comprehensive analysis of the listed problems, identified the most pressing challenges and developed recommendations aimed at strengthening peace and stability in the region.

The conference participants noted the need for the active involvement of the expert community, professional and scientific potential of all countries of the region in the discussion of security issues, in order to form effective and sustainable strategies to counter security threats. In this regard, it became necessary to hold a scientific forum on an annual basis.